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Association of Publishers for Special Sales

An APSS Mastermind Group Can Increase Your Profits With the Use of OPM – Other People’s Minds



What do you need to succeed in book publishing? Your first thought may be money, but that is not as critical as you many think. The most important attributes that lead to success cannot be purchased. Money will come when you do everything else right. Here are the Top 10 “Must Haves” for success in book publishing:












Unit now there was no one place an author or publisher could go to get these critical functions. The Association of Publishers for Special Sales (APSS) has created virtual Mastermind Groups made up of success-minded people who want to share their knowledge and passion with others in the hope of getting more of the same in return.

You can expand your business and become more profitable by using the knowledge, creativity, energy and contacts of other people. This is accomplished through an APSS Mastermind, a group of people who interact to help each other solve business problems and increase business potential.


Each Mastermind Group will be made up of a limited number of industry professionals who are serious about growing their business. Meeting at predetermined times and intervals, participants can interact to create a strategic advantages for themselves and their colleagues.


What is a Mastermind Group?

  • A small interactive group of people who have experienced the trials and tribulations of successful book publishing – and are willing to share their lessons
  • An on-demand source of the 10 critical success attributes
  • A place to get the answers to questions that you have or didn’t know to ask
  • A group of people who want the accountability and inspiration that will take their businesses to a higher level
  • A community in which you can actively participate and get the benefit of differing perspectives to help you achieve your personal and business goals
  • The chance to get one-on-one instruction, input and feedback for your particular books and business – not just for those like yours
  • Your own personal board of directors. Collaborate with a small group of trusted peers to leverage their expertise and experience for the benefit of all

Mastermind Group members may discuss topics important to them. It is intended that the subjects will be at a higher level than found in forums online. Participants could discuss business strategy, brand management, leadership and personnel issues, managing customer relationships as well as building volume and velocity of revenue. Your fellow Mastermind members will collaborate, innovate and motivate each other for their collective professional growth.

You can reduce mental deterioration, increase your sales and profits, improve your business and experience the following benefits if you join an APSS Mastermind Group.

Why join an APSS Mastermind Group?

  • Did you ever think, “I’m stuck and I don’t know what to do to …?” Innovate with informed professionals and get new ideas for getting unstuck and moving ahead
  • Do you ever get so embroiled in your day-to-day activities that you do not have (or take) the time to step back and evaluate your relative progress? Commit to reaching a higher level of success and be held accountable for reaching it by your Mastermind members.
  • Does constant rejection and weeks without friendly human contact erode your enthusiasm? Re-energize yourself with positive reinforcement from respected contemporaries.
  • Sometime “tough love” is required to get motivated. A candid exchange of information fosters the personal initiative, imagination, courage and enthusiasm you need for continued success. An APSS Mastermind Group is only for those who can accept and act on constructive critiques.
  • Constructively critique your plans. Your teammates serve as a sounding board to bounce ideas in a non-judgmental, helpful environment
  • Get experienced direction that forces you to think through your strategies more carefully, leading you in directions you might not have discovered on your own. Your associates can provide input from various perspectives just as a corporation’s board of directors provides for its CEO.
  • Eliminate repetitive explanations. Your group members become familiar with your business. You can introduce ideas for new strategies without repeatedly explaining the details of your particular circumstances.
  • Expand your network. Your teammates will know other people who can assist you. Their contacts can be invaluable in helping you obtain what you cannot on your own.
  • Each meeting will be self-facilitated and belligerent or consistently negative members will be asked to leave.

There are a few requirements for membership. In addition to book-publishing experience, a positive, cooperative and open-minded attitude, you should have…

  • A written business plan with a long-term mission or vision statement
  • Specific goals you want to achieve with the help of your colleagues
  • Three positive reasons why you should be chosen to participate in a group

An APSS Mastermind Group can only be as fruitful as its members. During your video-conference meeting each participant will have an agreed-upon amount of time to present his or her discussion topic or challenge. In an atmosphere of constructive brainstorming, others will offer their perspectives and opinions to address the issue.

 Help your team members succeed (as they help you) by…

  • Attending team meetings
  • Participating
  • Sharing your knowledge and experience

You will be part of a small, focused team made up of people with similar areas of need – special sales, marketing, finance and accounting, Internet marketing or other.

The professional, experienced and cooperative composition of personalities and knowledge will result in exceeding your objectives. Your participation in an APSS Mastermind Group will develop a productive, congenial, long-term relationship among people seeking mutual success and profitability.

How and when are meetings held?

Success Team meetings are best conducted when all participants can see each other. Not only does this facilitate camaraderie, but it reduces the likelihood of “multi-tasking” so all members devote full attention while others are speaking. Therefore, if all members have Skype, then meetings could be held there. Or, APSS can arrange for time on other platforms for you.

The first meeting will be facilitated by Brian Jud. It will consist of general introductions, an overview of your business and your objectives for participating. The starting time and frequency of meetings is up to the team members. Monthly gatherings are most productive, giving you time to perform the actions to which you committed in previous meetings. The position of facilitator/timekeeper can rotate among teammates.

An APSS Mastermind Group will not be organized with less than four people, unless all agree to proceed. There will be a maximum of six people assigned to a team.

For more information please contact Brian Jud, Executive Director of APSS or call (860) 675-1344.