Southern New Jersey/Greater Philadelphia 


The Southern New Jersey/Greater Philadelphia 

Chapter of the Association of

Publishers for Special Sales




President: Joanna Swank (

Born in Southern New Jersey Joanna writes under three names to reflect her three personalities. Blanche Mae writes modern romances with historical content. Eva Lindke writes sultry adult content romance novels.  Joanna Swank writes resource books, poetry and alternative romance novels.

“Writing is an outlet to get the clutter of ideas out of my head. I often think if I stopped writing I would run out of space in my head to learn.” Joanna Swank

In 2011 Joanna started the free lecture series Anyone Can Be a Novelist to help other aspiring authors fulfill their dreams. That program spurred a series of workbooks and three college courses. Joanna lives with her longtime boyfriend David and their four-legged child Maya.

 Why start an chapter? As a writer for nearly a decade, I have joined countless groups and associations but none are dedicated solely to published authors. I teach courses to aspiring authors and the resources to them are countless but there is a great lack of published only author groups.

As a marketer by trade I have a knack for coming up with unique ways to promote my books. I wanted to have a group where published authors could come together and share ideas about how to improve readership and sales. After finding and speaking with Brian I felt I found the right association that fits the ideal group I have in mind.

2017 will be the official launch of the Southern New Jersey and Greater Philadelphia Chapter of APSS. My hope is to have both in person and online meetings throughout Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia so no matter where you reside there will be a meeting for you to attend.

I look forward to meeting everyone in person or in the cyber world. Let’s bring our unique stories to the world at large.

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