How to Start One

Association of Publishers for Special Sales

How to Start an APSS Chapter in Your city



Thank you for your interest in helping with our new initiative to bring non-bookstore-marketing information to your city. You are one of the few people to participate in this program to give independent publishers the benefits of a national organization with the advantage of local interaction.

A trial chapter in Connecticut has been running successfully for more than two years. It has grown to a paid membership of over 80 people. We will use that experience to help you grow your chapter.

We currently have local chapters in Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Connecticut, Grand Rapids, Nashville, Nebraska, New Jersey, Phoenix, Santa Fe, Sarasota, Southeast Texas and two in Southern California. Two international chapters are open in Canada and Nigeria. More will be coming over the next few months. If you are interested in starting an APSS chapter near you, please let me know at Why join an APSS local chapter? See many reasons at

Our objective in starting a local APSS chapter in your city is to personalize our efforts to help our members increase their sales. We want to help independent publishers network with their colleagues locally, and get information more likely to meet their specific needs.

Our target member is someone who is serious about building a business selling books. They may be a single-title author or an independent publisher who wants to increase their revenue and profits with large-quantity sales to non-bookstore buyers.

The person we seek to lead this effort locally will be someone who can work independently to organize and maintain a local APSS chapter. You will form your own board, find a suitable meeting place and adapt the provisions described below to your chapter’s needs.

APSS will support you with “as needed” telephone contact with Brian Jud and pre-planned telephone meetings with other chapter officials. In addition, we will…

  • Announce your chapter to all APSS members, and send you a list of all current and previous APSS and SPAN members in your area
  • Set up a template for a newsletter for your chapter. We’ll send it with national news/articles with space available for local news. As time goes on you can add local info to fill
  • Customize a flyer for your chapter, similar to that attached. Print it as a two-sided document, then fold it in thirds for a handy pocket guide.
  • Create a logo for your chapter

Why become an APSS chapter president?

  1. Help authors and publishers succeed where they may have no information how to do so – special sales
  2. Develop and practice leadership as well as organizational skills
  3. Experience creating and participating in local event; become the contact person for local event planners
  4. Attend some local events at no charge if registration fees are covered by other members
  5. Point person for local media: They will come to you, o you to them to talk about your chapter; develop relationships with them for later appearances about your book
  6. Make and build contacts with prospective buyers and suppliers
  7. Learn about organizing and leading a non-profit
  8. Exposure in the publishing community increasing your reputation as a notable industry person
  9. Network with national experts and speakers when arranging meetings
  10. Exposure as a webinar host
  11. 10% of membership dues rebated to your chapter
  12. Experience organizing an annual, one-day conference in conjunction with APSS national
  13. APSS advances money to cover out-of-pocket
  14. We hired an experienced person to be your “consultant “ and will help you start your chapter
  15. No APSS dues (save $60 per year)

Thank you again. May I give you a call to discuss this? Please let me know a day, time and number to call, Brian Jud

(860) 675-1344