The Chicago Chapter of the

  Association of Publishers

for Special Sales


President: Rebecca L. Chauncey,  

Rebecca L. Chauncey is an author, professional speaker, and owner of RLC Speaks LLC. She has more than 10 years of successful, professional experience in academic, corporate, and governmental sectors. With her rich knowledge of diverse business fields and passion for experiencing the best of daily life, she wholeheartedly teaches professionals how to maximize ease and positivity in their lives through speaking and writing.


You Can Still Live: A Monthly Companion to Help You Experience the Best of Your Life is Rebecca’s first published book. It features soul-stirring messages to help you move through various life situations with more ease in the midst of your busy schedule.

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  • Baker & Taylor’s services                                   ·  Distribution to Canadian bookstores
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  • E-book conversion, awards                               ·  Supplier recommendations
  • Automated contacting of targeted buyers      ·  An annual conference near you