An APSS Mastermind Group Can Increase Your Profits With the Use of OPM – Other People’s Minds

Unit now there was no place you could go to get the information, contacts, support and feedback needed for book-publishing success. We want to help you get them – and more. APSS is creating virtual Mastermind Groups made up of success-minded people who want to share their knowledge and passion with others in the hope of getting more of the same in return.

We need your help to test this concept. We need two or three serious book publishers to join Ben Jorgensen and me to form and test an APSS Mastermind Group over a few months. There is no cost for this, but you must be an APSS member.

You can expand your business and become more profitable by using the knowledge, creativity, energy and contacts of other people. This is accomplished through an APSS Mastermind, a group of people who interact to help each other solve business problems and increase business potential.

What is an APSS Mastermind Group?

  • A small interactive group of people who have experienced the trials and tribulations of successful book publishing – and are willing to share their lessons
  • A place to get the answers to questions that you have or didn’t know to ask
  • A trusted group of people who want the accountability and inspiration that will take their businesses to a higher level
  • A community in which you can actively participate and get the benefit of differing perspectives to help you achieve your personal and business goals
  • The chance to get one-on-one instruction, input and feedback for your particular books and business – not just for those like yours
  • Your own personal board of directors. Collaborate with a small group of trusted peers to leverage their expertise and experience for the benefit of all

You may discuss topics important to you, relative to book marketing and special sales. It is intended that the discussion topics will be at a higher level than found in forums online. You could discuss business strategy, brand management, leadership and personnel issues, managing customer relationships as well as building volume and velocity of revenue. Your fellow Mastermind members will collaborate, innovate and motivate each other for their collective professional growth.

Ben and I need two or three volunteers (and APSS members) to help us test and improve our vision for this concept. If you are a serious book publisher, seeking to grow your business and willing to meet with us over several months, please contact Brian Jud at There is no cost for you to join this research project.

For more information about APSS Mastermind Groups go to

If you have ideas on how this concept can be improved, have any questions about our plan, or want to inquire into how you can help, please contact Brian Jud at or (860) 675-1344. We intend to launch this program once we test and improve it.