We are launching APSS-Canada with a two-day event that can take your sales to a higher level

April 1 – One-on-one consultations

Discover how you and sell more of your books – not just books like yours – to people who buy books in large, non-returnable quantities. These buyers are found in corporations, associations, schools and non-bookstore retailers such as discount stores, supermarkets, airports stores and gift shops.

You can personally engage with two “go-to,” book-marketing experts – Guy Achtzehn and Brian Jud. You will have the chance to ask specific questions and get creative, yet practical answers to help you become more profitable.

More information at http://tinyurl.com/zzeavh9

April 2 — One-Day Book Selling University

Get eight hours of high-content book-selling information about selling in large, non-returnable quantities to non-bookstore buyers.

  • Find out how businesses, organizations, schools, associations use books as promotional items, fundraisers, giveaways.
  • What non-bookstore retailers (discount stores, warehouse clubs, gift shops, supermarkets) can sell your books and how you can contact them
  • Discover how corporations, associations, schools and more can buy tens of thousands of your books at one time. — with no returns

See the complete event program at http://tinyurl.com/hm5o3lp

“Every independent publisher who is working to increase their sales must attend this conference.” Erika Liodice

See more testimonials from previous attendees as APSS Universities at http://tinyurl.com/h8psahc

You will leave knowing…

  • Why and how companies, associations, schools and other buyers could use your books as promotional tools.
  • A custom list of companies to approach as well as creative ideas for selling your specific titles to them
  • How to keep the pipeline filled over time with more buyers for your specific book
  • Innovative ways to present your recommendation to buyers and make large quantity, non-returnable sales
  • Proven tips for negotiating profitable sales with specific hints that work for people who don’t like selling

If you are in the US you can save $100 or more with the current exchange rate — even more with the early-bird discount

Questions? Please contact me at BrianJud@bookapss.org or Monica Palmer, President of APSS-Canada at monicapalmer@bookapss-canada.org